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Project Management

Organisations need to manage a diverse range of projects effectively if they are to deliver business benefits. This range and variety of projects leads to:

  • Potential resource constraints

  • The need to prioritise workload

  • The potential for appropriate support service suppliers

MIME Solutions can offer its expertise to support organisations during project delivery, recognising that projects have the potential to impact:

  • The company finances – the bottom line
  • The people – a company’s prized assets

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Project Success

There are many challenges which could face a project or programme.  The  following diagram summarises the success factors linked to the 4 key stages of a project:

  • Stage 1 – WHY - Developing the business case/project feasibility
  • Stage 2 – HOW - Developing the delivery strategy
  • Stage 3 – IN CONTROL - Delivery of the project objectives
  • Stage 4 – BENEFITS DELIVERED - Delivery of the business benefits

Project Delivery Success Factors

MIME uses a 'lean' project process specifically aimed at identifying the most agile method of delivery through extensive use of the Project Delivery Plan and the associated Project Management Toolkit.

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Project Management Services

Typical services offered by MIME Solutions are:

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Programme Management Services

MIME offers a range of services:

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Project Management Publications

Through hands on experience, adapting best practice principles and researching new, innovative areas of Project Management, a series of books has been developed and published - the 'Project Management Toolkit'. These four practical, step-by-step guides written by Dr Trish Melton are available for purchase at Amazon.com, the first of which is now in it's second edition.

The following are examples of papers written and presented by Trish Melton / MIME Solutions Ltd.:

Asking the Right Questions, Using the Right Tools (Feb 2010)                                                                           Project Management Hot Topic - Can We Do It Any Faster? (Apr 2007)
Design Space - What's The Link To The Project Process? (Apr 2007)
The Benefits of Lean Manufacturing - What Lean thinking Has To Offer The Process Industries (Jul 2005)
To Lean Or Not To Lean (That Is The Question!) (Aug 2004)
Get Agile - Deliver Faster (Oct 2002)

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