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What is Lean?

What is Six Sigma?

How Lean and Six Sigma Fit Together

Why LSS?














What is Lean?

A 'lean' process is one which is focused on generating value for its customer. The flow of value through the process is defined and tracked while waste in all its forms is removed.


Value-added activity

An activity that transforms or shapes material or information to meet customer value requirement


Non value-added activity

Those activities that take time or resources, but do not add to customer value. There are seven types of waste


The Seven Types of Waste

Type of Waste


Over Production

Product made for no specific customer


Product waiting to be processed


Moving the product to several locations


Storing product costs money

Over processing

When a process step does not add value


The excessive movement of people


Errors during the process

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What is Six Sigma?

A six sigma process is one which generates only three defects per million parts produced by the process. It measures, reduces and tracks variation ensuring the processes operate as intended. Its principles can be used both within manufacturing and service environments.



Three defects per million opportunities (DPMO) is equivalent to 99.9997% of product being within specification


Standard deviation

A DPMO of three is equivalent to six sigma


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How Lean and Six Sigma Fit Together (LSS)

Of the many ways that lean six sigma could be explained, the following three definitions are typical:

Lean and Six Sigma (1)

Lean and Six Sigma (2)

A Lean Six Sigma Process

  • Lean makes sure we have the right activities

  • Six sigma makes sure we do these activities right every time

  • Lean defines value flow

  • Six sigma makes value flow smoothly


  • Is made up of value-adding activities which flow within a controlled variation

  • Has minimal wasteful activities and produces minimal defects

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Why LSS?

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