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Business Management

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Business Management

Organisations face a range of challenges in an increasingly competitive environment. Combined with ongoing development needs, growth and regulatory compliance this variety of demands leads to:

  • Potential resource constraints

  • The need to prioritise workload

  • The potential for appropriate support service suppliers

MIME Solutions can offer its expertise to support organisations through periods of business change, recognising the potential for significant impact on:

  • The company finances – the bottom line

  • The people – a company’s prized assets

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Business Change

MIME Solutions utilises a change management process specifically aimed at:

The Change Cycle

  • Identifying the challenges which are of most strategic importance to an organisation
  • Developing a strategy to manage the business risks effectively
  • Supporting the organisation appropriately in the implementation of the strategy
  • Ensuring the sustainability of the strategy so it becomes a part of the organisational culture


Whatever the specific issues facing an organisation the outcome will inevitably be a series of projects – both 'hard' and 'soft' – These projects are part of an organisation's change cycle.

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Business and Change Management Services

The typical range of support services include:

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