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People Management

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People Management

Within both a project or organisational assignment there is usually an element of 'people development' which should be addressed, i.e. success requires tools, processes AND people.

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Team Management Services

MIME Solutions offers Targeted Team Development customised sessions built around a specific team objective.  Every team is different in terms of the goals they have, the way they work, and the individuals within them.  Team development would follow a typical development process:

In effect the team is being taken through a cycle of change and their involvement and engagement is crucial.

To support the delivery of these services a range of courses and environments are used:

  • On-site - some development exercises are best conducted within the team environment

  • Corporate / conference venues - we use local facilities which allow space / services for team development activities

  • Outdoor venues - we use a local activity and water sports centre so we can combine adventure activities both on and off the water with team and personal development exercises

  • Training Courses

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Individual Mentoring and Coaching

Individual structured sessions are available within a specific development area. These can be linked to team goals or to career development.

Coaching is made specific to the individual at each stage, although some basic tools are generic (coaching contract, learning outcomes, capability profiles). The coaching should continue until the 'coaching contract' is complete.

Training courses

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Individual and Team Management Tools

Examples of the tools used:

  • Skills Matrix and Capability Profiles
  • Personal and Team SWOT Analysis
  • Personal and Team Risk Assessment
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Process Mapping
  • Lean Six Sigma - identification and removal of waste
  • Learning Outcomes Assessment
  • Learning Action Plans
  • Mentor Contracts and Coaching

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